Warning Sirens

Salem Township Warning Sirens

In March of 2006, Salem Township was successful in gaining a Hazard Mitigation Grant from FEMA to purchase two Warning Sirens to be placed within the boundaries of Salem Township.
#1 was placed in the Salem Township Park located at 30th Street and 142nd Avenue.
#2 was placed within Sandy Pines Campground Resort Park.

Allegan County Emergency Management and Allegan County 911 are responsible for adopting criteria and for activating or deactivating the sirens.

These warning sirens are used to warn Salem Township citizens and visitors of impending dangers that include: severe weather conditions such as, strong straight-line winds or a tornado warning, chemical release accident or hazardous waste spill.
These sirens will be tested every 4th Friday of the month at 11:00 A.M… Any other time these sirens are sounded, they will sound for three minutes every half hour. Citizens and visitors should take immediate refuge in a building or shelter and turn on their radios or televisions to find the latest updates.