Salem Township Fire Department

The Salem Township Fire Department is a group of dedicated personnel working to allow the people of Salem Township the pleasure of living in a country setting, with the satisfaction of great protection against fires and other emergencies.

Our I.S.O. rating is currently a six. Everything that we do as a fire department involves working toward a better I.S.O. rating. Letters describing this rating are available at our township office. 

Smoke Alarms for everyone is now available.  For more information, contact the Salem Township Fire Department.
Call (616) 896-8715 or email

Salem Township Fire Chief Dan Kipen

If you ever have a fire in Salem Township, it is important that you check the link below for our cost recovery ordinance adopted February 2005:

Cost Recovery Ordinance

Please use the email address below to contact the Fire Chief with any questions.

Burning Permit

It is illegal to have an open fire in Salem Township. If you need a burn permit you must call Allegan County at 1-269-686-5222.