Salem Township Cemetery Ordinance, Effective July 25, 2012

Cemetery Rates and Lot Information

Cemetery lots are available, please contact our clerk, Renee Busscher if you are interested in purchasing one at 616-896-9857 or 616-826-1784 

EAST CEMETERY (no lots available)

Burials: 2 persons per lot; 2 headstones per lot.

Cremations: 4 per lot; 2 headstones per lot; any other markers must be placed ground level so they can be mowed over.

Purchase limit of 2 lots per resident (18 years or older). Under special circumstances more may be purchased. Lots will be reverted back to the Township after 75 years if heirs to the owner cannot be located.

$200.00 for Salem Township residents

$600.00 for non-residents (Definition of a Township resident: Must have a primary residence exemption in Salem Township to qualify for resident rates)

WEST CEMETERY (now available for lot purchase 2022)

Burials: 1 person per lot; each lot is a single

$300.00 per lot