Tax Collection

Summer taxes are due September 14, 2016
Winter taxes are due February 14, 2017
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Tax Collection Info

Summer taxes are due by September 14, 2016. Taxes can be paid at the township office, (Tuesday and Thursday), on-line, or by mail. The Treasurer will be in the office on Wednesday, September 14, 2016 from 9am-4pm. On September 15, a 1% interest charge will be added to the unpaid balance. An additional 1% per month will be added on the first of the month thereafter.

Winter property taxes are due by February 14, 2017. Taxes can be paid at the Township office (Tuesday and Thursday), on-line, or by mail. A 3% late charge will be assessed February 15-28, 2017. The last day to pay 2016 taxes at the township office is February 28, 2017. The Treasurer will be in the office on Tuesday, February 14, 2017 and Tuesday, February 28, 2017 from 9am-4pm.

After Frebruary 28, 2017 taxes must be paid to the Allegan County Treasurer's Office

For those who wish to pay taxes by mail, make check or money order payable to Salem Township, PO Box 49, Burnips, MI. 49314. Be sure to include the bottom of your tax notice along with your payment. Please indicate any address corrections on your remittance.

Taxes will be collected at the township office (Tuesday and Thursday 9AM-12PM and 1PM-4PM).  We also have a drop box in the entryway so you may drop off tax payments (in check form only) at any time.

Tax bills are not sent to property owners who escrow their taxes. Your bill will be sent to the mortgage company who requests it and you will be sent a receipt when they pay your taxes.

Tax deferment applications are available at the Township Office.

Deferments are available if you are: a Senior citizen, Paraplegic, Quadriplegic, Eligible serviceman, Veteran, or Widow, Blind, or totally and permanently disabled. Please contact the Treasurer for an application.

Principle Resident Exemption

Please make sure you are claiming a homestead on your property. This can save you money in taxes. Please call with any questions.

Hardship exemption forms are availabe at the Township Office. Please contact the Supervisor with any questions and to fill out an application.

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