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1) When do tax bills get mailed out?

Summer tax bills are mailed by June 30 and winter bills by November 30.

2) When are taxes due?

Summer taxes are due by September 14.  On September 15, a 1% late charge will be added to the unpaid balance.  An additional 1% per month will be added on the first of the month thereafter. 
Winter taxes are due by February 14.  Winter taxes are charged a 3% late fee if paid from February 15-February 28.
The last day to pay the 2016 property taxes at the Salem Township office is February 28, 2017. Beginning March 1, all property taxes must be paid to the Allegan County Treasurer (269-673-0260). Their website :
The Salem Township office will be open on February 14 & 28, 2017 from 9am-4pm to collect 2016 property taxes.

3) Why didn't I get a bill?

If your mortgage company requests your taxes, you will not be mailed a bill. When the mortgage company pays your bill, I will send you a receipt.

4) Why didn't I get a receipt?

Summer receipts are not mailed unless requested (or if paid by a mortgage company). The top portion of your bill, which you should keep when mailing your payment, is your receipt along with your cancelled check.

5) Where's my recycle card?

Recycle cards are mailed with your winter tax bill.

6) How much will my taxes be?

You can estimate your taxes using the following equation: Value of home divided by two, divide by 1000, multiplied by the millage rate.

For example: Value: 100,000 / 2 = 50,000. (This is your taxable value)

50,000 / 1000 x 35.7425 = $1787.13. Approximate taxes for the year. You will need to know the school district and millage rates to estimate your taxes.

2015 millage rates:
Hopkins: Summer 10.6502, Winter 25.0923. Add 18 to the winter rate if no homestead. Total: 35.7425, or 53.7425 if not homesteaded.

Hamilton: Summer 18.3972, Winter 10.4566. Add 9 to summer and 9 to winter if no homestead. Total 28.8538, or 46.8538 if not homesteaded.

Hudsonville: Summer 24.1355, Winter 8.2066. Add 18 to summer rate if no homestead. Total 32.3421, or 50.3421 if not homesteaded.

Zeeland: Summer 20.4272, Winter 12.4866. Add 9 to summer and 9 to winter if no homestead. Total 32.9138, or 50.9138 if not homesteaded.

7) Can I defer my taxes?

Deferments are available to the following: Senior citizens (62 years or older), paraplegic or quadriplegic, eligible service person, veteran, widow or widower, blind person, or totally and permanently disabled. Gross household income must not exceed $40,000.00. Deferments are also available to farmers for the summer.


P.O. Box 49, Burnips, MI 49314
Phone: 616-896-9857

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