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Salem Township History
We are a small township that takes pride in its rural setting, coupled with our rich history of hard working men and women who settled here to carve out a future for themselves and their children.
 Susan (Kipen) Welton, Dianna (Berens) Beaudoin and Jean Loedeman Lam head up our Historical Committee. Their committee now includes: Marian Weber  Streb Albers, James Beyer, Sheila Teed Buckleitner, Gene and Donna Heasley, Elaine Funk Kimber, Lyman and June Moored. If you have an interest in joining, please contact anyone on the committee.
The committe has a two fold goal; to gather and preserve Salem's History for future generations for all to enjoy and research. Also to complete a book of Salem Township history.
The committee continues to look for all old and current Veteran's photos and information, Families, Farms, School memories, Businesses, and any history, stories, photos, of Salem Township.
Our next Open House is Saturday, October 2nd from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Susan's email:   Phone: 616-281-2453
Dianna's email: Phone: 616-890-2341
Jean's email: j l    Phone:616-994-2989

We thought you would enjoy a small portion of history which were found in old newspaper editions.

 On Wednesday afternoon, December 27 a young man named Smith, of Burnips Corners, Salem was standing on the step of Dibbles Store in that place, smoking a pipe, when the men in the store heard what they thought to be a report of a revolver, and that going to the door found young Smith clutching his head with his hands and yelling that he had been shot. He had an ugly looking cut over one of his eyes, from which the blood was freely flowing, upon investigation it was found that he had some cartridges in his pocket and had put one in his pipe with the tobacco.
Holland City News, December 1883

Fire broke out Monday morning at Burnips Corners and from meager particulars it is learned that Dibble Bros. General Store was destroyed. Loss was from $10,000 to $15,000, and it was insured for $7,000.
 Wayland Globe, January 1, 1886 ** Holland City News, December 1883

To view some old pictures from Salem Township history, click here


P.O. Box 49, Burnips, MI 49314
Phone: 616-896-9857

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