Welcome to Salem Township

Bulletin Board

There will be a Public Hearing for Salem Township Broadband will be held on July 10, at 7pm at the Township Meeting Room.

Smoke Alarms for Everyone.
S.A.F.E. Invest in Tomorrow. Practice safety today.

Do you own a home in the Salem Township Fire Dept service Area?
Do you need smoke alarms for your home?
Are your smoke Alarms more than 10 years old?
Do you have a smoke alarm in every bedroom?
DO you have a smoke alarm on every floor of your home?
Are you interested in being a part of a free home smoke alarm installation program?

For more information, contact the Salem Township Fire Department.
Call (616)896-8715 or email captain@salemtownship.org


We are a member of the wayland Area Ambulance Service. They will transport you to any area hospital. Wayland offers Ambulance insurance for $37.00 a year, or $111.00, for 4 years. Call 1-296-792-2958 with any questions. The yearly policy must be renewed on the 15th of June every year. The 4 year policy must be renewed every 4 years on the 15th of June. On the 4 year policy, you pay for 3 years, and the fourth year is free.

Township Information

3003 142nd Ave.
P.O. Box 49
Burnips, MI 49314

Phone: (616)896-9857
Fax: (616)896-7247

Office Hours
We are open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from
9AM - 12PM and 1PM - 4PM.

The Assessor will be in on Tuesday afternoons from 4:00PM - 7:00PM.

Township Officials

Supervisor: Jim Pitsch
Clerk: Betty Brower
Treasurer: Ashley Brower
Assessor: Lynette Wagner
Trustee: Randy Boyles
Trustee: Don Sebright
Fire Chief: Larry Hildenbrand